MovinCool, a brand of DENSO Corporation, announced publication of a new free guide, “How to Avoid IT System Failures Due to Equipment Overheating: Using Ceiling-Mount Spot Air Conditioners as a Cost-Effective Way of Cooling Server Rooms.” The guide is primarily aimed at facility and IT managers, consulting/specifying engineers and mechanical contractors.

“With the ever-increasing use of server rooms to house their IT equipment, businesses and other organizations need a way to keep the equipment from overheating,” said David Keller, manager, Heat Management Department. “Without adequate cooling, they are at high risk of hardware failure or costly damage. Even more serious is system downtime, which can have disastrous consequences.” MovinCool’s 10-page guide addresses this problem by examining the advantages of a new class of self-contained, ceiling-mount spot air conditioners.

These units are specifically designed for cooling small spaces with dense heat loads, and are more cost-effective than traditional solutions such as mini-splits or precision cooling systems. The guide is available as a free download from the MovinCool website at (720 KB).