Servhawk has announced that its server energy analytics technology is now available in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) package, called

“Data centers exist to support IT services, and those services run on servers. Focusing 100% on servers is how we contribute to enabling efficiency in data centers,” said Denis Yaro, Servhawk CEO.

In its Enterprise Server Technology Program 2012, IDC reported a worldwide installed base of approximately 33.5 million volume servers at the end of 2011. Those servers consume space, power and other resources and are typically underutilized. provides the ability to organize a server inventory (both physical and virtual), analyze server productivity and identify opportunities to save on energy consumption and overall cost.

The solution makes it easy for a user to get started and quickly see the results of Servhawk’s analytics, including energy, space, and server vintage factors. Server productivity metrics and grading clearly point the way to efficiency improvements, such as technology refresh, decommissioning, consolidation, virtualization and cloud rationalization.

Yaro added, “Any IT organization with more than a few dozen servers has ample opportunities to improve efficiencies and reduce cost. is inexpensive, non-intrusive and non-disruptive, making it easy to identify and quantify those opportunities.”