Emerson Network Power has released the Liebert DSE, designed specifically for medium to large data centers. The Liebert DSE is a higher efficiency, downflow-only version of the Liebert DS precision cooling system that provides a nominal 125 kW of net sensible cooling. With an energy-efficient SCOP (seasonal coefficient of performance) rating of 2.9, the Liebert DSE is 52 percent more efficient than the ASHRAE 90.1 (2010) minimum requirement of 1.9 for data center cooling units. It also incorporates an optional new-to-the-world “free cooling” technology feature, EconoPhase. At full capacity, it is 114 percent more efficient than an air economizer and mitigates the operational limitations or concerns commonly associated with air economizer technologies. Data Center Cooling

The Liebert DSE’s integrated free cooling uses the same refrigerant circuit, coils, and condenser in both economizer and non-economizer modes. This air-cooled system employs a two-phase refrigerant vs. a traditional single-phase economizer solution, resulting in a simple and efficient cooling system that maximizes the hours available to use reliable free cooling. The Liebert DSE also uses the new Liebert condenser platform, the Liebert MC, that features an innovative micro-channel cooling coil design, EC (electronically commutated) axial fans, and an ability to communicate with the indoor unit to optimize total system efficiency.