Mission Critical is holding an event so important on March 17th that I will miss New York's St. Patrick's Day parade in order to host it. I refer, of course, to Part 1 of our three-part webinar, Building a Greenfield Data Center. Opening Day speakers include Dean Nelson of eBay, Pitt Turner of the Uptime Institute, David Schirmacher of Goldman Sachs, and Peter Funk of Duane Morris LLP. Pitt will be calling in from Hawaii, so he too obviously thinks this is important. Register now at webinars.missioncriticalmagazine.com.

<a href="link:http://www.siemens.com">Siemens</a> is sponsoring this event.

The Part One Topic is Factors to Consider When Building a Greenfield Data Center. Building a greenfield data center is one of the most complicated activities an organization can undertake. 
What steps must you take to build a data center that meets all the needs of an enterprise? 

How do you control cap ex expenses? 
How do you minimize energy use? 
How do you meet reliability and availability requirements for your organization? 
Is LEED important? 
How about Tier certification? 
How can I ensure high reliability throughout the life of the facility? 

Afterward, the speakers will be taking questions from the live audience.