Image Microsystems, a provider of technology restoration, reverse logistics, e-waste recycling and recycled plastic products manufacturing, has selected SunGard Availability Services to provide colocation services. SunGard will provide colocation services to help Image Microsystems improve information availability and ensure data security without straining internal IT resources.

Serving computer and consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers, Image Microsystems’ solutions include complex product tracking systems and Web portals for customers to manage their assets. By utilizing SunGard’s colocation services, Image Microsystems can help ensure customers have around-the-clock accessibility and security to prevent breaches and data loss.

“When not managed properly, consumer returns can cause manufacturers and retailers to lose a significant amount of money,” said Alex Abadi, PhD, chief executive officer of Image Microsystems. “Our reverse logistics solutions change the cost dynamics by generating efficiencies and remarketing opportunities. SunGard data center infrastructure and services will help us improve resiliency and system uptime so we can always be available to meet customer needs.”

Image Microsystems will relocate critical business applications from its data center and host them at a SunGard data center. SunGard will provide Image Microsystems with a redundant, secure, highly available IT infrastructure, freeing Image Microsystems from capital expenditures needed to maintain its data center.

“SunGard Availability Services provide us a significant cost-benefit by allowing us to leverage redundancy, economies of scale and specialized expertise that would be cost-prohibitive if created on our own,” said Michael Carpenter, vice president of information technology at Image Microsystems. “Also, high availability is in SunGard’s DNA, which sends a reinforcing message to our customers that we can meet their demands for 24/7 information availability.”

“Image Microsystems has consistently utilized technology to drive strategic differentiation over its competition,” said Matthew Carey, director of solutions marketing at SunGard Availability Services. “Working with SunGard helps them to tap a technology infrastructure that relieves their IT team from the daily grind of datacenter management so they can focus on more strategic opportunities.”

SunGard’s colocation services offer space, power and network capabilities in professionally designed facilities offering reliability and security. The services help organizations retain ownership and management of dedicated equipment in a secure multi-tenant facility, which can deliver lower costs and higher quality. SunGard facilities can serve as a primary production location, or as secondary data center for backup and recovery or testing and development.