Egenera Inc. has announced a channel partnership with Data Connections Inc., a North Carolina-based VAR and services provider of server management, data center optimization, virtual computing infrastructure and cloud computing services, infrastructure, and consulting. The partnership enables Data Connections to integrate Egenera’s PAN Manager software into Data Connections’ data center and virtual desktop solutions, providing an integrated, tested and certified open converged infrastructure solution to its customer base.

Egenera’s PAN Manager software leverages standard x86 blades, standard Ethernet components, and standard SANs to provide a flexible data center infrastructure with inherent high-availability (HA) /failover and disaster recovery (DR). The solution is simpler to install and use, and more reliable than traditional management, clustering and DR tools, and typically reduces total cost of ownership by 50 percent over alternatives. Egenera customers benefit from up to 75 percent fewer physical I/O and networking components, and have simplified their IT operations by as much as 95 percent compared to traditional point-products.

“We are excited to partner with Egenera in order to provide critical VDI and cloud solutions to our customers,” said Fritz Menchinger, president of Data Connections. “Egenera’s PAN Manager is a sophisticated unified computing solution that gives our customers choice – enabling them to integrate with their platform and storage vendor of choice, while providing simplified IT operations and significant cost savings. This is an excellent opportunity for Data Connections to break into the converged infrastructure products market.”

“We are pleased to have Data Connections join us in the Egenera Partner Network,” said Jim Bandanza, COO at Egenera. “By integrating Egenera’s PAN Manager software into their offering, Data Connections ensures its customers have the capabilities needed to create a flexible, policy-driven, highly-available and unified computing infrastructure with massive efficiencies and low total cost of ownership.”