Online registration is now open for the First Annual Server Design Summit being held December 1, 2010, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA. The event, which is co-sponsored byMission Criticalmagazine, will focus on energy-efficiency, performance, and cloud computing.

Technical workshops will cover the following topics:
    Energy-efficient servers and data centers
  • Servers for cloud computing
  • Increasing server performance
      Participants will learn how to:
      • Reduce server energy usage
      • Cool high-powered server racks effectively
      • Increase performance for physical and virtual servers
      • Take advantage of technical advances such as multicores, low-power processors, high-speed Ethernet, and solid state storage
      • Manage energy usage through both hardware and software
      • Make your servers meet the needs of cloud computing
      Participants can hear from companies such as Intel, Force10 Networks, PG&E, GE, TI, ARM, QLogic, Xilinx, STEC, Juniper Networks, Fujitsu, Emulex, and EMC, with keynote addresses presented by Microsoft, Fujitsu, Nimbula, and Cloudshield/SAIC.