Save These Dates

Last week I promised that I would use this space to make some significant announcements about Mission Critical webinars. And like Steve Jobs of Apple announcing the iPad, I think these are very significant announcements. Mission Critical has finalized four new webinars, among them our long-planned three-part webinar on Building a Greenfield Data Center, scheduled for March 17, April 15th, and May 13th.
Registration has already opened for our February 25th webinar on Data Center Cooling Trends. The speakers are Gilbane's Dennis Cronin and Syska Hennessy's Vali Sorell, and the sponsors are AdaptivCool and CoolSim. Both speakers would welcome input about hot new cooling technologies.
On April 25th PDI is sponsoring a webinar on containers as a data center solution. Cronin, who authored an article on this topic in Mission Critical last year will be updating his findings. We'll be announcing a second speaker soon. Future Facilities will sponsor the most recently signed of these webinars on April 6th. We're still in topic development. 
The big announcement is the three-part webinar, sponsored by Siemens on  March 17, April 15th, and May 13th on Building a Greenfield Data Center. Ken Brill of The Uptime Institute and Dean Nelson of Ebay and the Data Center Pulse will be the opening speakers on day one.  
Also expected to participate are
Rob Aldrich, Cisco
Dennis Cronin, Gilbane Critical Facilities 
Peter Curtis, Power Management Concepts
Kevin Dickens, Jacobs Practice
Peter Funk, Duane Morris LLP
Scott Good 
Peter Gross, HP Mission Critical Facilities
Cyrus Izzo, Syska Hennessy 
Christopher Johnston, Syska Hennessy 
Bruce Myatt, KlingStubbins 
Julius Neudorfer, NAAT 
Tom Reed, KlingStubbins 
David Schirmacher, Goldman Sachs
Vali Sorell, Syska Hennessy 
Bob Sullivan, Uptime Institute
Shariar Zaimi, EDG2
The webinar will cover the following topics and more: 
    • Laying the foundation
    • Assessing need
    • Strategy development
    • Team structure and interaction (indentifying internal/consultant resources)
    • Creating Site Selection Criteria
    • Site Selection
    • Executing a Site Search
    • Creating a due diligence team
    • Key evaluation factors - utility availability and cost, locational risks, zoning and local approval exposures, etc. 
    • Closing the deal
    • Design Development
    • Consultant Selection
    • Phased vs. Full Build Strategies (design scalability)
    • Designing to accommodate future unknowns
    • Resiliency Options
    • Identifying Efficiency and Sustainability Opportunities (LEED, etc)
    • Project Execution
    • Governance
    • Selecting a project team
    • Selecting a development strategy, e.g., CM, GC, design-build, GMP, etc.
    • Procurement Strategies
    • Commissioning and Turnover
    • Consultant selection (who and when)
    • Developing a program
    • Identifying best practices
    • Executing the plan
    • Project sign-off and turnover