Lessons Learned from Cooling Webinar

The fascinating thing about the Internet is how it facilitates two-way communications, and that's why Mission Critical wants to be a leader in social media. You probably already know that I use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, an enewsletter, and a couple of blogs to increase awareness of our webinar series; otherwise you wouldn't be reading this blog. I encourage you to follow me in all these venues. 

Still many days these efforts still seem like one-way efforts, unless I remember to do my part. 

We collect some fascinating data during our webinars. Gilbane's Dennis Cronin and I shared some of this information at last fall's 7x24Exchange. I'm moderating a panel at their Spring event (May 31-June 3) in Boca Raton, and I plan to share some data from our March cooling webinar during that session.

But before that I wanted to share some online poll results with you.

  • 35% expect the economy to have no effect on building plans
  • only 5.4% see project cancellations
  • more than 16% expect to see an expansion in 2009 or 2010 of greater than 20,000 square feet
  • Almost 70% of our attendees do not measure PUE.
  • Of those who do, almost 80% have PUEs greater than 1.5

I'll be sharing more information with as the months go on, and please feel free to contact me with your questions or concerns. In fact, you could post an on-line response to this blog.