Datacenter managers install the new PQube from Power Standards Lab (Alameda, California, USA) to record power quality events and energy consumption in mission critical hardware.The PQube pinpoints the root causes of electrical malfunctions in critical control systems, alarm networks, and mission critical data centers.

The PQube also accurately tracks energy and carbon emissions, making energy audits a breeze.

The new PQube recorder is tiny, one tenth the size and one fifth the cost of comparable traditional instruments, making it perfect for embedding. It has an easy-to-use color organic LED (OLED) display and advanced Ethernet-based remote monitoring, email reporting, G3 wireless communication and there is no software required. All recordings are on standard digital camera SD memory cards, using open file formats. No expensive proprietary software is required.

The PQube recorder is used world-wide in industries such as semiconductor, healthcare, defense, laboratories, automation, robotics, petrochemical, and power utilities. Some mission critical hardware manufacturers are embedding the PQube directly in their products. Other datacenter managers use the PQube to troubleshoot electrical problems in pre-installed equipment.

Despite its tiny size and low cost, the PQube measures voltage and current with lab-grade accuracy. It detects all power quality glitches including voltage sags, interruptions, voltage swells, harmonics, frequency variations, and high-frequency impulses. The patent-pending technology automatically adjusts to every frequency – 50 Hz, 60 Hz, and 400 Hz – and every standard voltage in the world, from 100V in Japanese homes to 690V in Australian mines. The PQube happily works with single-phase and three-phase systems.