Kohler Power Systems has announced the availability of its revamped 150-, 180- and 200-kW diesel-fueled industrial generators. Enhancements to these KOHLER diesel generator sets include an all-new digital controller, enclosure improvements, and fuel tank upgrades that address a wide spectrum of state/local code requirements pertaining to diesel fuel storage.

“In the absence of national regulations around generator set deployment, as well as diesel fuel storage, Kohler Power Systems set about developing a tailored generator set offering,” said Ryan Fredrickson, product manager, industrial generators, Kohler Power Systems. “Providing a generator set capable of meeting the specific needs of our customers regardless of their geographic locations and without the need for post-manufacture customization has been the guiding vision for the revamped 150-, 180- and 200-kilowatt diesel-fueled industrial generators from Kohler.”

State/Local Code-Ready Fuel Tanks

Through a wide range of factory-available accessories and options, Kohler now offers a state/local code-ready fuel tank as it relates to diesel fuel storage. Kohler’s new tank accessories include: fuel port fill/spill containment devices, high fuel switch warning systems, a 12-foot high emergency vent and more. By configuring these fuel tank accessories in accordance with local regulations, a specifying engineer or contractor can receive a state/local code-ready fuel tank factory-direct from Kohler.

New Digital Controller

Standard equipment on all three power nodes, the new digital Decision-Maker 3000 controller facilitates an aesthetically and functionally clean unit in terms of generator management. Integrated into the junction box panel, Decision-Maker 3000 uses a digital design, display and interface to provide all vital operational data sans aftermarket add-on devices.

Additionally, controller configuration, diagnostics, and software updates can call be performed using the built-in USB port. Designed to be code requirement-friendly, Kohler’s new controller features plug-in diagnostics monitoring, as well as a remote serial annunciator and NFPA 110-compliance through direct Modbus access to remote serial annunciator II (RSA II). Kohler has also eliminated the need for a separate field circuit breaker for the alternator by programming this preventative measure into the Decision-Maker 3000. Other features include:
  • Pre-programmed damage curve to protect alternator against overload and short-circuit events
  • Integrated hybrid voltage regulator with +/- 0.5 percent regulation for sensitive electronics
  • Digital metering displays total power, total energy and percent of rated power
  • Stored history of events: warnings/pre-alarms, shutdowns and successful starts - info to support maintenance and troubleshooting
Enclosure Improvements

Enclosure improvements for the revamped diesel generator sets are immediately recognizable. By moving the exhaust muffler inside the enclosure, Kohler Power Systems now offers a more compact unit, as well as a sleeker profile to help comply with municipal generator height restrictions. In addition to moving to a more condensed design, Kohler has enhanced durability with thicker-gauge materials and added an aluminum option - to address corrosion problems at coastal deployment sites - as an alternative to the traditional steel enclosure.

Available immediately, the enhanced diesel-fueled KOHLER generator sets can provide standby and prime power for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications including: multi-family dwellings, government facilities such as wastewater treatment plans and emergency services (police, fire, 911), hotels and wide variety of health care and medical facilities.