Falcon Electric, Inc.’s, line of SSG-RP Series Ultra-Wide Temperature UPS, is available in models from 1 to 3 kVA. The SSG-RP Series ultra-high temperature UPS has been designed to operate reliably in temperature environments beyond the capability of standard commercially available UPS products. Having an operational temperature range of -22F to +149F (-30C to 65C) makes the SSG-RP Ultra ideal for use in protected locations where temperature control is a problem.

The SSG-RP Series Ultra-Wide Temperature UPS’s batteries come packaged in a separate 2U enclosure and are “hot-swappable,” which means new batteries may be swapped in while the UPS is still in use. The wide-temperature range Cyclone batteries used have a projected 10-year service life when installed in a 77F (room temperature) and a projected one-year life when installed in a location with ambient heat at 131F (55C).