Simplex Isolation Systems introduces a mounting track system designed specifically for the data center environment. The DCT angle track includes several innovative features. Two linear threaded parallel channels accommodate several types of machined and sheet metal fasteners without having to drill holes. This patent-pending feature makes installation of the curtain support track and fusible links simple and quick. A built-in channel on the DCT track accepts splicer brackets, allowing the tracks to be spliced together for a more rigid installation. This design feature means the DCT tracks attach equally well on 24-inch ceiling grids or, if necessary, in a cross-grid style with attachments every 48 inches. The DCT track is also an excellent way to attach blank off panels and curtains to the top and sides of the racks as well as floors and walls. The track can accommodate caddy scissor clips for easy attachment to t-bar ceilings or can be fastened directly to any surface.