At the moment, you’re using preformed coaxial assemblies — but we’ll tell you this; semi-flexible precision cable assemblies are cheaper. And we’re always looking to save a penny or two, aren’t we?

So, what are semi-flexible precision cable assemblies and how will they help make your life easier? In short, they’re an ideal alternative to costly performed coaxial cables as they’re dimensionally and electrically similar to their semi-rigid counterparts.

With a tinned copper braided outer shield which provides great RF shielding (greater than 100 dB), they don’t require the use of any special tools to shape or reshape their assemblies. They can be formed more than once, too — and without damaging the outer conductor. That’s got to count for something on its own, right?

Available online with multiple configurations, semi-flexible precision cable assemblies offer frequency ratings ranging from DC to 18 GHz, depending on style and type. Whether you’re looking for cable assembles ordered in 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24-in. standard lengths, or a custom-length product, you’ll find it online.

To make your life even easier, you can also locate cables that come with or without a PVC jacket too. In many cases, these cables can even be shipped the same day. What this means for you, of course, is no delay to your project — simply chat to a customer services advisor online and get things moving.

Does your application demand low VSWR, low insertion, and low PIM cable assemblies? You need a semi-rigid assembly, which has been put together using the latest soldering equipment for a trusted performance. Shipped with individual test data, each assembly is generally available using flexible or super flexible corrugated cables.

Online, you can find the biggest range of coaxial cable assemblies and you’ll always get the assistance you require, with everything from design to prototype and mass production.

Custom-made coaxial cables really can help make any project seem a breeze, too. Made to meet your exact needs, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, it can be shipped to you within the same day.

Of course, you’ll find a host of sites absolutely dedicated to the improvement of the industry and the development of innovative products. Offering a range of cables made with the communication, automotive and measurement technology industries in mind, these cables can be mass-produced while still offering excellent value for money.

Like semi-rigid cables, semi-rigid cables can be used extensively in splitter and filter systems and plug-in chassis systems. For specific jobs, other cables are available online too; choose from flexible, conformable, corrugated, and phase-matched assemblies, each one engineered to meet the stringent electrical and mechanical requirements of the latest industry-standard specifications.

Generally, in-house design experts will test your custom-made equipment before shipping it to you as well. Products can include everything from standard coaxial cable assemblies to precision-matched assemblies, many of them made with your project in mind.

The industry has come a long way since its inception some hundreds of years ago, but it certainly remains a thriving one. The type of coaxial cable many of us are aware of is the wire that connects our TV to our cable boxes, but today all kinds of cables are available to ensure the industry is always ahead of its game.

Your chosen cable company will have a background in analyzing, designing, and producing diverse requests, which means you can be sure your semi-flexible precision cable assembly — or any other cable — will meet your unique needs, every time.

Discover why semi-flexible precision cable assemblies will help you to work smarter in 2016 and beyond; simply take a look online for some of the very best coaxial cable manufacturers out there.