There is nothing more exciting than working towards creating what is not invented yet, except maybe competing to see who achieves it first, like competing in Formula E. Therefore, when the stakes are so high in terms of resources and human lives, you cannot gamble with decisions.

Buying an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for your critical installation (data center, train system, mining facility, factory, airport, or hospital) requires you to partner with the right UPS manufacturer. And here are some reasons why partnering with the right manufacturer is like finding a partner for competing in Formula E.

Innovation for the Most Stringent Requirements

Each critical facility has its own challenges. A mine with all the dust and humidity requires equipment able to withstand the difficult weather conditions and to protect employees. The train systems and the airports both require distributed infrastructure to support a varied of critical equipment that controls and monitors transportation and guarantees safety of passengers. Hospitals need to be able to access valuable patient information in real time and sustain life support systems in ICU’s and operation rooms. Finally, data centers availability must be sustained despite downtime to guarantee financial transactions, data queries, user satisfaction, commercial transactions, etc.

As a result, most critical applications need to ensure the welfare of human lives besides financial performance and the overall company success. These applications also require developing the right innovative technology to fulfill those core goals.

So, when it is time to find the perfect UPS for your facility more than a manufacturer, you will need a partner. This partner needs to listen to your specific needs and adapt the technology to create a customized solution for you. Just like the pilot and the manufacturer in Formula E depend on each other to achieve enough points to win the Grand Prix.

High Quality Equipment

A great car will help you win the race. A great car composed by a solid performance motor, with a light chassis, and robust batteries and components. This is true for Formula E as much as it is for your critical application.

High quality translated to your UPS includes robust capacitors and batteries, durable materials, great design, proven performance, security devices, compliance with international standards and regulations, among others. As a matter of fact, a UPS with robust components and batteries is the secret to a 99.99% availability of your critical facility.

The right manufacturer acknowledges how high-quality equipment has a direct effect on your critical infrastructure and partners with you to make sure their equipment is high quality and adapts to your requirements.

Certified Maintenance and Repairs

Finally, buying critical infrastructure equipment like an UPS supposes an important investment for any company both in terms of money and the overall success. Such a significant investment should be backed up by certified services.

When you work with specialized equipment like UPSs and Formula E cars, repairs, and maintenance can only be performed by certified personnel with special spare parts and tools. You want to make sure your investment is protected and maintains the promised level of performance to beat all competition.

The right manufacturer will offer the certified services for maintenance and repairs you will need to guarantee runtime of your application and return on investment for the company.

As a conclusion, if you want to beat all competition in the race for success you need to partner with the right UPS manufacturer. This manufacturer will be able to support you with customized solutions for your needs, high quality equipment and certified services.