The implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) can have a great transformational effect on data centers. Data centers are now used heavily in the technology industry and it is predicted to increase in the coming years. With their usage, it is estimated that these centers support over $300 billion that are mostly in the service-based industries.


Using IoT in your data center, you can obtain real-time information that will give the up to date status of the devices. It can increase optimized usage and will give the user better information to give accurate decision support. Monitoring various data in the center can help the site manager to determine the fluctuations and effects based on the IoT information.

It is important to note that in a data center, there are a number of devices, unique structure, and other things. These all present challenges in the form of security, data, and overall management.

Importance of data centers

In the industry today, there is a large need for IT services including cloud storage and off-site processing. These data centers have the supporting infrastructure such as cooling units, chillers, switch gears, and so much more. As of late, the management of these data centers are offsite and the actual site will benefit from the implementation of IoT processes.

Monitoring temperatures

A data center is an important area that contains a lot of sensitive equipment. This equipment will have recommended operating temperatures that must be maintained at all times. Therefore, using IoT, temperature sensors can be installed to prevent equipment from overheating or equipment failure due to the incorrect temperature.

These temperature sensors will track the ambient temperatures in the data center and this will help in the management of the cooling of the area. This is quite important as the sensitive equipment has to be preserved and maintained at the required temperatures.

Monitoring water detection

The next issue to consider is the exposure to moisture in the data center. Water sensors can be installed and will be able to detect if water is present in an area where it should not be. Therefore, the response will be that the site manager will be notified either by SMS or email message that water has been detected. This will allow them to either setup an automatic response such as water lock-off or notifying the relevant personnel that can initiate the appropriate response.

Open and closed

In the data center, there can be areas or rooms that may be off-limit to everyone.  Sensors can be used to detect if a window or door has been opened or closed. These can be monitored 24/7 to maintain the safety of certain areas. If these open or close sensors are breached then an alert can be sent to the site manager and additional alerts can be set up as well.

Motion detection

Motion sensors can also be set up in critical areas if an open and close sensor cannot be used. If the particular area being monitored does not have a window or door that can be monitored then a motion detection sensor will be appropriate. These will generate an alert to show the user where motion has been detected and then whatever additional notification that has been configured.


Alerts can be configured with these sensors to properly notify when you need to be updated upon the occurrence of an event. When alerts are set, then you control the response of the system to an event. You can be assured that once something is detected, you can have peace of mind knowing that your important areas will be monitored at all times.

Cloud storage

Many of the backend features that work along with the sensors are external and located in the cloud. These help to store the data and allow the user to pull data for a timespan. This is helpful in the monitoring information that can help in the analysis of data and trying to predict if an even may happen.

Long battery life

These sensors also come with long battery life so they are expected to work as long as you intend for them. The length of the battery life is estimated at about 10 years so you can get longevity from these devices.

It is wise to use IoT methodologies in the data center as technology is evolving and with the ease of IoT it makes it much better to use a technological approach to solve a problem. This is especially true when it comes to sensitive areas where conditions must remain the same at all times.