Find any place on the planet with a movie theater or TV screen, and you will find superheroes.

From old reliables such as Superman and Batman to relative newcomers like Black Panther, the entire world seems transfixed by those who can solve almost any problem through brains and brawn.

In a time of great transformation and hyperspeed evolution, our imaginations are gratified that someone can deal with crisis and provide solutions.

Of course, such heroes are on pages and screens, not real life. Or are they?

There is a transformation happening in the IT world and increasing pressures on CIOs and CFOs facing operating expense and capital expenses. Before, CFOs did not have a full understanding of the tech, and would rely heavily on CIOs, sending that Bat-signal into the clouds and hoping for a hero. Now, CFOs have more knowledge are challenging CIOs; in many ways, CIOs have to convince the CFOs of their strategy and reasoning for purchasing.

CIO’s are also caught with the fact they cannot have system downtime, so the easiest way to deal with server, storage and network maintenance has been, “leave as is,” with CFOs asking the simple question, “Do we really need it?”

Those aren’t superhero attitudes, but that’s reality. If only there were someone who could “save the day.”

Cue soaring music, and enter third party providers (TPM).

Maintenance and support costs can make up 70% of the average company’s IT budget, which drains resources from upgrades and investments in innovative technology. OEMs and Integrators are impacted since service, as opposed to hardware, is playing a larger role in generating revenue.

You don’t need Wonder Woman or Iron Man to save money, increase your peace of mind and protect your valuable uptime. You just need your friendly neighborhood TPM!