Much of my job consists of going to shows and meetings. In that regard, I am no different than many of the other road warriors. I meet at tradeshows. Summer represents somewhat of a downtime. Sure, I have a desktop full of work, but I don’t have to do it at airports and on planes. I can just peck away at a keyboard and take advantage of the short commute.

When September comes, though, things change. My credit card gets a real workout, and then when it is in shape…it’s time for the airport.

I think most of us get to spend a little more time at home during the summer.

Yet when I look at my post-Labor day calendar, I know that a few people must have been working harder than ever.

There are two DatacenterDynamics shows in the U.S. in the next two months, one in DC and one in Chicago.

451 Research has events in Atlanta and then Vegas.

7x24 Exchange is definitely already gearing up for its fall event.

Data Center World opens at the end of September.

There are host of other shows, including events organized by regional groups, Gartner, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, Critical Facilities Roundtable, Ramprate, and more.

Well, it is Labor Day, and I want to hit the deck and have a cool beverage now. It is about 90 degrees outside, after all. But not before I say thanks to people who have been organizing events all summer.

For a full accounting of all these fine events, start at our website.