Last week, Mission Criticaland other industry magazines and websites reported thatSkanskaandIntertechhad received notice of a U.S. patent for theeOPti-Trax system,which those companies described as the most highly advanced and energy efficient building cooling platform available on the market today. eOPTI-Trax is the heart of a data center system that Skanka guarantees to be the world’s most efficient data center at any load. The system, they say, also will use 80 to 90 percent less water. The proof, Skanska says, exists in the modularized facility they built for Telus.

Lloyd Switzer, director of Network Transformation at Telus, the first large commercial customer to deploy the eOPTI-TRAX system says, “Leveraging Inertech’s technology, Skanska’s design has been able to reduce our data center Total Cost of Ownership by 40 percent. At the same time, we are closer than ever before to achieving our goals of environmental stewardship.”

Mission Critical is currently working to develop a story profiling the Telus facility, which will include more technical details. In the interim, I am sure Skanska’s Jakob Carnemark and Terry Rennaker, as well as Intertech’s CEO Earl Keisling, will be answering a lot of questions about these remarkable claims.

Skanska has been getting very favorable press since announcing in April that it had achieved a PUE of 1.012 in mechanical systems for data centers. And both Carnemark and Rennaker have been extremely available at public forums to answer questions about these claims.

The most recent announcement was made at Intertech’s facility in Danbury, where Intertech maintains its R&D. Representatives from Mission Critical, Forbes, Focus, andCIO magazines attended, as did Gartner and 451 Group analysts, so no one was ducking tough questions.

I think the companies’ renewed focus on energy and water savings will likely be the first of many as businesses everywhere look for the most cost-effective means of meeting their IT needs.

Next week, I’ll have the privilege of sharing information about a new development in CFD, as one vendor will be announcing a simplified pricing structure and cloud delivery aimed at making CFD affordable and accessible to a wide range of small to medium-sized businesses.

The week after…stay tuned.