You don’t miss what you don’t measure – are you blind to valuable energy savings or power quality data of your data center because you think it is too large of an investment? 

Integrate your existing devices with new power quality monitoring equipment to assure reliability and power efficiency while minimizing capital investment.

Advanced power monitoring solutions provide the ability to integrate existing devices into a modern power quality and efficiency monitoring system. Modern power quality meters can be used to integrate data from various systems, such as data from building management systems, PDU factory meters, UPS, switchgear, and a large variety of other devices connected to either analog or digital inputs. This provides a web-enabled comprehensive view of the entire system. In this way, modern monitoring equipment can serve two purposes – to collect and log data from legacy and non-power related sources while providing state-of-the-art power quality analysis.

Integration and analysis of various inputs into a software solution will enable a customized, graphical user interface for a summary of conditions, while providing drill-down capability into the details of the data. GUIs can be customized to the user, quickly providing the most relevant information for that person’s specific needs.

Siemens can cost effectively upgrade an existing center with state-of-the-art energy monitoring. Our technology facilitates rapid linking of a variety of devices, enabling a complete overview of a system. We work with our customers to design a solution effective for their needs.

Reusing the existing devices prevents the need to disrupt data center operations for device replacements. Integrating data from the generator control systems, BAS, and UPS simplifies the ability of facility operators to monitor conditions across these systems.

Don’t be in the dark with your legacy equipment – a cost effective, professionally designed upgrade to the latest state of the art equipment is realistic and affordable.