Well the globe is spinning ever faster. Last week I recounted some of the things that happened around the turn of the year. I spent this week catching and developing some new programs.

For instance:

1. Mission Critical will be launching a new expanded blog section. In addition to Schneider's Domenic Alcaro, NAAT's Julius Neudorfer, JLL's Michael Siteman, and myself, eight industry professionals will begin blogging on our site. I expect to make this site as open as possible in order to make it a forum for thought leadership. I'll provide more information about the bloggers, once we have finalized their identities and topics. And, best of all, this area will be open for your comments, and Mission Critical will be open to new blogging contributors. Just email me at heslink@bnpmedia.com.

2. We have finalized three webinars. The first, on February 7, includes Syska Hennessy's Vali Sorell and Intel's John Musilli will discuss Best Practices in Data Center Cooling. I'm expecting that AdaptivCool, Upsite, Norland Managed Services, and Stulz.

The second is to be held on February 21. Cummins will be sponsoring this session, which will focus on power quality. Speakers are not yet final.

And the third will be held on February 29th. Sponsored by Power Analytics, this session will look atUnlocking Microgrid Strategies for Effective Management of Your Electrical Infrastructure.

3. I did finally get around to doing some editing. This next issue promises to be very interesting. We will be featuring the nice work done at the New York location of an international cool. In addition, expect coverage of UPS's Alpharetta, GA facility, which was totally refreshed while remaining on line, coverage of DCIM, and a look at rack and enclosure specification.

Very exciting.

Just another 50 weeks to go until the next New Year's celebration. It's going to be a busy year.