After a very relaxing Christmas and New Year’s break, I came back only to find that the world hadn’t stopped at all while I was off. If anything, it seemed to speed up.

So what’s happened that’s worthy of note.

1.      Significant job changes. Dave Schirmacher began a new assignment as senior vice president of tech ops at Digital Realty Trust.

Steve Manos will be taking on the newly created role of GM at Norland Managed Services. This is especially exciting as it heralds the introduction of a new company to the North American market, one with global aspirations.

2.      Association activities. Several vendors have reported that AFCOM has sold itself to an unidentified events companies. No reports on what this would mean for Data Center World or the various AFCOM chapters.

DatacenterDynamics announced the first of its 2012 events:  February 23 in Atlanta and March 13 in New York. DatacenterDynamics has already begun marketing its New York show. See you there.

The 7x24Exchange and Mission Critical have resumed planning our successful joint print collaboration. Look for more good to come out of this relationship.

3.      New market players. I’d report this info if I had it but I am hearing persistent noise about data center money moving from Europe to the North American market. This follows a pattern identified last year of data center money abandoning shaky European markets to stronger economies. Perhaps the Euro is less steady than it was then, using the data center theory.

4.      New webinars. Mission Critical will be announcing new webinars. I spent this week, in part, putting together details for as many as five new webinars. I hope to have full details on Monday.

5.      Other chapter activities.  Just got off a length conference call in which we planned the next Empire State Chapter meeting. I’d tell you who the speakers are, but we haven’t surpris…let them know about this new honor yet.

6.      Finally, begun working on three new features for our website. A new Data Center Leadership area, in which industry leaders will be given room to promote new ideas that will benefit the industry in some way. Plus a new jobs area that I hope to launch real soon, and a new top-secret project suggested by a reader.

7.      CyrusOne, T3, Digital Realty, and Carter Validus, among others, bought or otherwise announced new data center space.

Oddly, I didn’t edit or write anything until this week ending post.