Our columnist Doug Sandberg penned this little poem that I thought I would share with all Mission Critical's readers as a way to spread the good cheer of all the holy days and holidays of the season.



Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the core

The servers were humming 

Like never before


The raised floor was quiet

The lighting was lean

In hopes this data center

Would always be green


When in equipment room II

There rose such a clatter

The chief engineer

Went to see what was the matter


The meters were normal

No faults were listed

All was in place

Not a single zink whisker


Up to the roof

He went at a trot

There was something amiss

But find it he did not


As he gazed round the place

And tilted his head

Over there near the penthouse

Was that a red sled?


The little old driver

His routine by rote

Was consulting a book

And writing a note


He said not a word

But left with a proclamation

Merry Christmas to all

Here's your LEED certification


God bless