I spent today at a Cummins manufacturing facility in Lafayette, IN, where that venerable company announced its new QSK95, or hedgehog diesel. Earlier today I blogged the first photos (I think) from that event. The first shows the actual product, and the second is from lunch later in the day. You can also see more detailed technical information on the breaking news section of our home page.

Tom Linebarger, president and COO of Cummins, headlined the morning event, which revealed the first QSK95 with great theatricality before a group of more than 400 customers and press, plus an almost equal number of Cummins employees. After remarks from other Cummins executives, some of these employees led guests on an hour-long tour of the facility where the diesel will be manufactured.

The tour itself was interesting, as presentations focused on how Cummins achieves its EPA Tier 4 emissions performance as well as how it and other Cummins products serve its markets. Cummins describes the 4000-hp (2983 kW) QSK95 Cummins Inc. as the world’s most powerful high-speed diesel. The 95-liter 16-cylinder QSK95 is the first engine to be introduced in a new high-horsepower diesel and gas platform from Cummins. The new product line will extend up to the 120-liter 20-cylinder QSK120, capable of over 5000-hp (3728 kW) output.  

Designed with exceptional strength and high power density, the 16-cylinder QSK95 exceeds the power output of other large 1800-rpm high-speed engines with 20-cylinders. Compared with much larger medium-speed engines operating below 1200 rpm, the QSK95 offers a far more compact and cost-effective solution to achieve the same power output.

Simultaneous with this announcement, Cummins released information about its new C3000 gen set, which is rated up to 3.5 MW, a significantly larger size than Cummins has traditionally offered, and the main reason that Mission Critical readers look for diesel performance. Cummins plans even larger offerings, based on the GSK95, in the future as well as natural gas versions of the engine and gen set.