I just read an article that Schneider's Mark Tarantelli submitted for our March/April issue. We're looking forward to publishing the article, which is a humorous view of the relationship between facilities and IT in a data center. The article ends with advice that IT personnel need to know that low-voltage can be dangerous, so that they act accordingly. We will also publish another in a series of columns from ASCO's Doug Sandberg. His column, which began as an examination, of good maintenance practices, increasingly examines safety issues and procedures in mission-critical facilities. 
That these two men, who both work for equipment manufacturers, choose safety as a topic is not surprising. The low rate of accidents in this industry and in electrical operations in general, including utilities, is a tribute to the quality of products in the industry, as well as to the highly trained workers in these inherently dangerous environments. 
I'm glad to see Mission Critical publish articles about safety. We have only to look at the papers to see what happens when industries or companies compromise safety standards. All industries must watch the bottom line; and many must worry about fuel efficiency, cost, and reliability; but these must not be achieved by sacrificing customer or worker safety.