DatacenterDynamics is alive and well with two promising west coast events in the near term. The group will host its seventh event in San Francisco on July 17th and its second Seattle event on August 6th. DatacenterDynamics'  one-day events tend to be very busy, as well-qualified end use audiences make their way to vendor booths and pick among multiple presentation tracks. The networking is also a reason to attend. DatacenterDynamics will welcome over 700 attendees, 35 exhibitors, and deliver 30 presentations at this year's event in San Francisco. 

Mission Critical enjoys a good relationship with DatacenterDynamics and is happy to able to offer 15 free show passes to end users and consultants who enter the discount code MCMAG when registering. (Vendors and sales not eligible, sorry.)

Both west coast events will examine the issue Carbon: Risk or Opportunity. I'd expect excellent content on this topic given the international nature of the DatacenterDynamics organization and its tradeshows. 

Simply put, hosting a series of events that moves from city from city and nation to nation presents DatacenterDynamics an opportunity examine trends and technologies in different environments In San Francisco, for example, Zahl Limbuwala, Chairman, Data Centre Specialist Group of the British Computer Society will talk about global carbon regulation. DatacenterDynamics recognized that this speaker would have insights into how carbon regulation would affect data centers in the U.S. because England is further along the regulatory curve, having already enacted regulations.

Other sessions will focus closer to home. Andrew Fanara, Product Specifications Development Team, US EPA Energy Star, will focus on regulations, standards and programs that affect the U.S. data centers and IT industry?

I could go through the two programs session by session. On the other hand, you can visit their website to learn more about each program and the other data center-related information on that site.