You can watch your mailbox for our March/April issue of Mission Critical. It shipped to the printer just the other day and should arrive very soon at your business or home.  If you really can't wait, I'd expect the entire issue to be on-line early next week. If you are looking for an even bigger heads up, please read on. 

Our cover story features a new colo facility, the Phoenix NAP. Ian McClarty, Phoenix NAP's president, provides a real insider's view of the many unusual design elements and a look at some of the less obvious business advantages of this building.    

In other features, Rajan Battish of BKM and Ari Adler take a look at one of the few health-care issues overlooked in Washington, DC, this month. Rajan tackles the issue of the expanding role of IT in providing Health Care. In light of recently passed health-care law, would anyone want to bet against continued growth of IT in the field. And Ari looks at yet another part of the health-care/IT issue, with a story about an insurance provider's data center. 

APC's Mark Tarantelli wrote what perhaps is the most entertaining story we have published in some time, "Ten Things You Want to Watch in Your Data Center," which includes five things you never want to see an IT administrator do. Tarantelli suggests that raised floors have occasionally been used to chill adult beverages. I'm curious about how accurate his list is, as he also suggests that some IT folks may lack caution around the low-voltage systems in data centers. Thanks John, for this potentially life-saving advice. 

Our regular columnists also contributed great information this issue. Here are the headlines: 
• The Soft-Load Power Transfer Switch. More about the ATS 
• Data Center Hot Spots. Where should you build your next data center 
• There Are Risks to Being Green. Meeting legal requirements can help maximize impact 
• Cloud Computing is Here to Stay Until Something Better Comes Along. The Cloud is accelerating data center operating and energy efficiencies 
• The Direct Current Data Center. Are we ready? 

Remember, just a short while before this issue is available. Please feel free to write and let me know what you think.