Our June 1st Open Forum on Data Center Cooling is the newest in a series of events that we were first to present in this industry. Mission Critical Open Forums are dedicated acted entirely to your questions on data center cooling. Our expert panel will provide answers to questions about how to achieve greater cooling efficiencies in the data centers, save energy, and eliminate hot spots, whether it is small or large, new or at end of life. 

No theories, just practical advise you can use. 

These sessions are very popular because we skip right past the presentations and go right to the user questions about cooling data centers. 

We'll take live questions during the event, but you can also submit questions during registration, or through our blog at www.missioncriticalmagazine.com/Blog or by the Mission Critical Open Forum group on LinkedIn.  

We're grateful to event sponsor MovinCool, as well as to our speakers: 

Bruce Myatt, PE, Mechanical Engineer, Founder of Silicon Valley’s Critical Facilities Round Table (CFRT), and National Director of Mission Critical Facilities at M+W Group, 

Rick Cockrell, Refrigeration Energy Design Specialist, Applied Refrigeration Technology Solutions

Rajan Battish, PE, LEED AP, Principal, RTKL

David Schirmacher, Chief Strategy Officer FieldView Solutions