The Infotech Research Group and Data Center Pulse are both engaged in new activities you should know about.
Infotech will send free research reports from  its library of documents, white papers, and other eductional offerings to anyone completing a short survey . The survey is part of Info-Tech's global initiative to engage, inform, educate and advise organizations how they can cut IT costs and more efficiently manage their staff and budgets. Central to this research effort is Info-Tech’s IT budget and staffing benchmarking program, MeasureIT. 
Mission Critical will be partnering with Infotech is this effort but also to join Info-Tech as advocates for change in our industry.
For completing this survey, we will send you two custom benchmarking reports to help you compare yourself to your industry peers, justify your budget and staffing and also give you immediate access to some incredible tools and strategies to help you significantly reduce the IT cost to serve your company. These will be sent immediately following data analysis from the survey.
In addition, we are also planning to make Premium Content Bundles from Infotech available immediately to all end users who complete complete the MeasureIT survey
The Topics Include:
• Applications Management 
• Application Development 
• Application Maintenance Infrastructure Management 
• Workstations and Peripherals 
• Servers, Mainframe, and Storage 
• Network & Telephony Team Management & Governance 
• IT Administration 
• Disaster Recovery Planning 
• End-User Support 
I expect these final reports to be of great use to the industry and encourage your participation.

Data Center Pulse just announced its newest activity in a seven-page proposal to the U.S. Secretary of Energy Dr. Steven Chu. In its May 6th proposal the Data Center Pulse proposed a national standardized power efficiency rebate program related to data centers and other compute related facilities. Data Center Pulse would provide leadership and management of the program, with rebate funding support from a combination of the federal government and utilities. The proposal reads, "There is no better time than the present for the U.S. Government to take a leadership role in combination with Data Center Pulse to support a nationwide compute infrastructure power efficiency improvement program in cooperation with utilities, utility districts, and business. 
"With Data Center Pulse providing program leadership and management you have the strength of nearly 1,000 data center owners and operators with years of experience and expertise in this space providing a sounding board and “feet on the street” for the entire community of users and partners to leverage. By leveraging the Data Center Pulse end-user community, program development and execution can be accelerated and end-user adoption dramatically increased."
The proposal describes the development of a set of federal standards for data center efficiency that would become criteria for qualifying for "significant" financial rewards.
With this bold announcement, Data Center Pulse has suggested that it intends to help end users achieve the goals they announced for industry at their Summit in March and also staked out a unique and long-standing role for itself as a player in the data center industry.