Tomorrow, I’ll be engaged in a rehearsal for the first of two webinars next week. Next Monday, I’ll be again huddled in a rehearsal. These webinars are excellent opportunities to get answers to your questions about data center operations. I mention these rehearsals not to call attention to the glamour of moderating a webinar but rather to let you know that the presenters take these efforts seriously.

The first webinar, Using Simulation to Unlock Hidden Power, Space and Cooling Resources takes place on Wednesday. Sherman Ikemoto, general manager, North America for Future Facilities Inc. and Akhil Docca, engineering services manager, Future Facilities Inc. will be presenting. I think my Engineered Systems readers will gain a lot from this session.

On Thursday, I will be hosting an innovative session, Open Forum on Data Center Issues, sponsored by Toshiba. This session will include eight experts who have no agenda other than answering your questions. I have written and blogged extensively about this session. I can only ask you to follow the hyperlink above to get more information about this session and to register and ask a question.