Can a blog entry be brief and still be a blog entry? I certainly hope so because I don't want unnecessary wordiness to cloud a message that I think is important. Thank you.

I'd like to thank all the regular readers of this blog, especially those of you who visit from Engineered Systems ( and may find my thoughts to be a bit off point. I'm hoping that those of you look for me on Mission Critical's ( website find something of value.

I'd like to thank regular readers of both publications, and those who subscribe to our newsletters, view our webinars, and write articles. Finally, our first full  year would not be complete unless I acknowledged the support that Mission Critical gets from our publishing and sales staffs as well as everyone at BNP Media plus my editorial board. As an editor, I am also grateful that advertisers see value in our work and support our efforts with their hard-earned dollars. Thank you.

And a very big thank you to the industry associations who continue to collaborate with us and who we believe make a vital contribution to improving industry practice and communications every day.

We're looking forward to continued contributions from an industry vital to this nation's success and to the world's economies. In return, I hope you continue to give us a chance to contribute to making the industry more efficient and more successful in 2009.

Finally, let me wish everyone a Happy New Year, one full of good news.