As I work my way through what I have dubbed Electronics Fridays, it occurred to me what a metaphor Fridays have become for how we share information. And then it dawned on me, that Electronics Friday is part of the Roadmap for howMission Criticalis changing to accommodate its readers.
In fact, my virtual diary for today comprises a catalog of products and services we now deliver to product information about mission critical facilities. 
First, some explanation. I have my weekly to-do list related to editing Mission Critical. By Friday, I want the sense of completion I get from having worked through the list. A pattern has formed, by now. Monday-Thursday I work through the list, and then on Friday I begin to summarize my results. These results have begun to form the backbone of my blogs and LinkedIn group.
So here I sit, summarizing my week in a blog for you on a cold Friday. Earlier, I tackled my Open Forum blog and my LinkedIn announcement. What did I post in those forums? Why I announced that Mission Critical would be hosting an Open Forum webinar on Data Center Cooling in March. That's exciting news, I think.
In other words, my day consists of electronic reporting on interactive Internet activities.
That's not all, though. I've also been preparing an e-newsletter, which will contain descriptions of topics I raised in my blogs, an announcement of the new Open Forum, and links to videos, white papers, and new products that can be found on our website ( Of course, the enewsletter will be archived on the website at some point in the near future.
In truth, I spent most of my day working with some fine folks in our office, expert presenters, and our sponsor ASCO to put the final touches on another product. Yes, it's electronic. It's a webinar on reliability that we are hosting on January 14th, featuring EYP's Peter Gross and Bob Arno as well as Peter Curtis from Power Management Concepts. You can register for this event at This is a very exciting event for us, and you check it out live on Wednesday or visit the electronic archive.
So you see, today I did absolutely no work on our magazine, rather I focused on electronic media all day.
I believe that this is only a stage in the evolution of reporting on an industry. Sure, I'm starting with electronics Friday but what will the future look like when my week begins with Electronics Mondays? More to the point, what exciting new services will we be offering, when my week and those of my colleagues and competitors are all electronics?
Please take a moment to look over this website and check on some of the editorial products I've spent my day on and described above, bookmark this page, and subscribe to our enewsletter and digital magazine.