If you clicked through the Mission Critical web page on your way to this blog, you saw that our January-February issue has already posted online. Subscribers will soon be notified of the availability of the digital edition, and hard-copy fans can begin looking in their mailboxes as the print version is in the mail.

Please take some time with this issue, as I think it is very interesting. 

Our cover story describes Emerson Network Power's plans to create a state-of-the-art data center for itself. The facility will be fascinating; still the case history of a company succeeding using its own products is even more compelling. This facility can succeed only so well as Emerson's own products perform. The company is confident it will do well.

Gilbane's Dennis Cronin, one of our regular columnists steps up to feature length this issue. He has succeeded well, I think, writing an article that anyone interested in comparing containers will be bookmarking, highlighting, or cutting and clipping. The table alone puts more comparative data about containers in one place than I have seen anywhere else.

Our third feature, written by Syska's Jeffrey Kirchner, focuses on a much smaller component than a container. In an article entitled, Green Right Down to the Wiring and Cabling, he looks at the way smart cable management can lead to LEED points.

Our fine columnists round out this superb issue. Doug Sandberg contributes timely ideas about extending equipment life, and Bruce Myatt calls for expansion of a PG&E program that provides money for energy savings in data centers. In another timely column, Peter Curtis reinforces the importance of following best design and operation practices in the face of industry upheaval. Not least by any means is Legal Perspectives Columnist Peter Funk's examination of the pros and cons of biofuels.

I think you will find this to be a great issue. For even more dynamic content, please remember to register for our March 19th Open Forum on Cooling webinar.

My travels bring me to the Datacenter Dynamics show in New York on March 4th, Data Center World in Las Vegas less than a week later, and the Uptime Institute Symposium in New York in April. Look for me at any of these events, contact me by email, or post a comment to this blog with any comments you have about this issue or to suggest ideas for future stories.