In a deal that underscores the surging demand for data centers, Vantage Data Centers has secured a staggering $9.2 billion equity investment. The round was led by DigitalBridge Group, a leading global alternative asset manager focused on digital infrastructure, and Silver Lake, a powerhouse in technology investing.

The investment is poised to supercharge Vantage's ability to develop next-generation infrastructure tailored to the rising adoption of cloud and AI technologies. It comes as the company experiences explosive growth, with plans to extend its footprint across North America and Europe.

The capital raise was significantly oversubscribed. This upsized the initial raise by $2.8 billion. When combined with the €1.5 billion investment from AustralianSuper in September 2023, Vantage has raked in a whopping $11 billion in new investment over the past nine months – with over $7 billion of that being primary equity.

Vantage has experienced meteoric growth in recent years, amassing a portfolio of over 25 sites across North America and Europe with more than three gigawatts of expected capacity. The fresh funding is set to turbocharge that expansion, with plans to plow $30 billion into additional development. This will cement Vantage's reputation for delivering market-leading capacity and cutting-edge solutions to customers worldwide.

The company is particularly focused on developing next-generation data centers featuring energy-efficient and sustainable designs purpose-built for AI and large-scale cloud deployments. The investment is a vote of confidence in Vantage's ability to execute on this vision.

"This is a game-changer that uniquely positions Vantage to capitalize on the incredible AI and cloud opportunity in front of us," said Sureel Choksi, president and CEO of Vantage. "The confidence that DigitalBridge, Silver Lake and other investors have in Vantage is a testament to our team's track record of delivering for our customers."

DigitalBridge, which has backed Vantage in the past, welcomed the chance to increase its support. "This investment allows Vantage to further accelerate the development of next-generation infrastructure to support the continued adoption of cloud and AI technologies," said Jon Mauck, senior managing director at DigitalBridge.

Silver Lake, which has a long history of backing winners in the tech space, expressed its conviction in Vantage's leadership. "We are thrilled to be joined by an elite group of investors in this important partnership," concluded Greg Mondre, co-CEO and managing partner, and Lee Wittlinger, managing director, of Silver Lake.

To learn more, read DigitalBridge's statement.