HT Materials Science (HTMS), a sustainable materials technology company based in Ireland with operations in Italy and the U.S., was awarded the Green Product Award 2024 for their proprietary heat transfer fluid Maxwell. A record of 1,500 applicants from 60 countries applied for the Awards, demonstrating the growing importance of sustainable products and materials in shaping a more sustainable future. Every year, the Green Product Award recognizes products and concepts that stand out in terms of design, innovation and sustainability. The winners in 12 categories have now been selected from 250 nominated products and concepts.

In cooperation with the IKEA Stiftung, the Green Concept Award evaluates concepts by young designers and supports their further development.

Maxwell won the Green Product Award 2024 in the Building Components category during the awards ceremony held on April 30th at the Nordic Embassies in Berlin. Embassy envoys and jurors such as Katarzyna Dulko-Gaszyna (IKEA Germany), Uwe Melichar (epda), Prof. Claus-Christian Eckhardt (Lund University), Katja Keienburg (baby&junior) presented the awards to winners from Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan and the United Kingdom.

"Commercial and industrial cooling and heating applications in particular require a lot of energy and therefore cause considerable CO2 emissions. This innovative solution in the form of a heat transfer fluid can be retrofitted to existing systems, saves costs and demonstrably reduces energy consumption." -Official Jury Statement

Maxwell is an innovative heat transfer fluid additive that provides higher thermal capacity for water or water-glycol based HVAC systems. Improved fluid properties in cooling or heating systems are key to reducing energy use. HT Materials Science is in the vanguard to deliver the promise of nanofluid additives with the release of Maxwell.