Mission Critical is excited to introduce you to the 2024 Top 25 Women in Technology. Meet Brittany Taylor.

Title: Global Alliance Director, Global Hyperscale Division

Company: CBRE, Data Center Solutions

Age: 37

Education: Bachelor’s degree in business administration

Organizational affiliations: 7x24 Exchange; 7x24 Exchange WiMCO; Infrastructure Masons; Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity

Achievements/awards: Several company-specific recognition and excellence awards

What made you realize you wanted to pursue a career in technology?

I actually did not plan a career in the Mission Critical Industry. I was fortunate enough to be exposed to this world and knew I wanted to be a part of this industry that is so integral to our modern society.

What inspires you to do what you do?

Helping people is what makes me get out of bed every day. I find helping my clients, team members, and people looking to expand their careers in the industry extremely fulfilling. I personally contribute a lot of my success to those who took the time to help me along the way and to those I have invested in along the way.

What role does sustainability play in your life?

People are at the core creating an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable planet. I believe each person, business, and industry are responsible for transforming practices to ensure a sustainable planet for generations to come. I am committed, both personally and professionally, to serve as an ambassador for a more sustainable future. It is difficult to make progress towards our global sustainability goals if it is not a core pillar of our culture.

What is the most fascinating thing you have learned while working in this industry?

The most fascinating thing I have seen is how, as an industry, we have pulled together in innovative ways to create and pilot new sustainable design concepts. We have floating Data Centers and even plans to build a Data Center on the moon; we are living in the future now.

We have a lot of issues to solve for, but this type of collaboration for the greater good is how we will get there.

What’s something unique about you personally?

I find being well-rounded very useful when it comes to solving problems professionally and personally. I am personally dedicated to continuously learning new things, ranging from how to install a kitchen sink to more industry-related issues. I think of myself as a Jack-of-all-trades and a master of none. Creative projects are my passion. I play the piano, write songs, and creatively dabble in a variety of mediums. I find creativity sparks innovative thinking and problem solving.

What’s something unique about you professionally?

My approach to solving problems is equal parts creative and pragmatic. I find that the best way to create long-lasting solutions is to think beyond the norm. Taking into consideration efficiency, sustainability, cost, and how if effects the people involved usually creates something great. In addition, I am open to explore other’s innovative ideas and look at potential solutions from diverse perspectives.

What’s your most admirable quality?

I would say loyalty is one of my most admiral qualities. I am very loyal to the relationships I form, both personally and professionally. Creating a high level of trust is extremely important to me. Professionally, maintaining a reputation as a trustworthy individual has served me very well.

Why is diversity, equality, and inclusion important to you?

DE&I is critical for personal, business, and industry growth. Cultivating a culture where all stakeholders feel seen, heard, and valued, fosters innovative approaches to problem solving, a loyal and healthy workforce, ultimately resulting in an increased bottom line. I want to stimulate innovative thinking and success in my own life, as well as those around me, and realize DE&I is central to achieving that goal.

What aspect of the industry do you think has the most potential for growth, and, on the other hand, which aspect do you think needs the most improvement?

We are at the beginning of this generation’s technology boom with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This exponential growth brings an even brighter light to the challenges facing our industry. While energy and sustainability goals are certainly at the forefront; I think we need to spend as much energy solving for the skilled labor shortage in both the short terms needs and long-term strategy.

When you imagine the future of the technology industry, what does it look like?

I imagine we will continue to innovate and find more ways to automate processes. Our industry community has been beyond impressive with finding new solutions to society’s challenges. It is hard to say which ideas will stand the test of time and which ones will not, but we will continue to push the boundaries of how we stay connected.

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