Craig McKesson, executive vice president of global sales and marketing for T5 Data Centers, reflects on his 12-year journey with the company, starting as the seventh employee when it was a startup and growing it into a globally focused data center provider. He discusses the industry's transformative moments — from enterprise data center requirements to high-performance computing — emphasizing the exponential growth in scale and the need for adaptation.

McKesson shares one of his proudest accomplishments, championing sustainability within T5 and the industry at large by contributing to initiatives like the iMasons Climate Accord. He highlights the critical role of digital infrastructure as the enabler of modern society and technology and expresses excitement about the current convergence of mass-scale, high-performance computing and AI, foreseeing unimaginable applications.

Looking ahead, McKesson emphasizes the industry's responsibility to educate and attract talent, sharing the importance of data centers in communities and the diverse career opportunities they offer. He sees the current era as a generational inflection point comparable to the birth of the internet, stressing the need to recruit the best minds to drive continued innovation.

McKesson’s parting wisdom includes staying true to oneself, prioritizing people, and always doing the right thing. As he steps into a new phase, he expresses excitement about the future of the digital infrastructure industry and the possibilities it holds.