It’s one of my favorite times of the year in this industry — yup, the New Year. Why? Well, because I love fortune cookies (smashing them, not eating them), Zoltar, and a good horoscope, so, naturally, I look forward to reading the industry predictions.

As tradition would have it, I’ve been working on gathering these predictions for the last few weeks, so I can share them with you in one easy-to-access article.

But, I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites, like this one from Ilia Kolochenko, chief architect at ImmuniWeb and adjunct professor of cybersecurity and cyber law at Capital Technology University.

“Cybersecurity and incident response become deeply intertwined with cyber law,” he said. “In 2024, organizations of all sizes should consider enhancing their cybersecurity strategies, policies, and procedures with input from law firms specialized or having solid experience in cybersecurity law. Currently, we observe cybersecurity professionals and in-house lawyers being separated by a stonewall of misunderstanding and mutual hostility. Collaboration is essential to ensure that data breaches and security incidents will be properly handled, minimizing reputational damage and financial losses from both litigation and monetary fines, as well as protecting cybersecurity executives and managers from personal liability.”

Simon Bain, CEO at OmniIndex, shared a rather brief yet interesting prediction, when he said, Users will stop talking about in AI in isolation and turn to other vital technologies.”

My list of favorites could go on for quite a long time, actually. But, I'm only going to leave you with one more. This one's from Mark Adams, president and CEO of SGH.

“In 2024, sustainability will increase its prominence and become a core consideration for IT solutions, with companies intensifying their focus on energy-efficient data centers, eco-friendly hardware, and carbon-neutral cloud services,” he said. “What was once a mere aspiration will now become a nonnegotiable business imperative, driven not only by environmental consciousness but also by the growing expectation from consumers and stakeholders. 2024 will serve as the inflection point in the pursuit of these ambitious sustainability objectives, and will set the stage for a greener and more sustainable IT landscape in the coming year and beyond.”