Johnson Controls (NYSE: JCI), the global leader for smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, today announced an extension to its commercial portable fire extinguisher lines with the newest, more environmentally friendly option, CLEANGUARD+, available through ANSUL® and PYRO-CHEM®.

“Knowing we’re incorporating the latest advancements for maximum effectiveness and reliability makes this launch particularly exciting,” said Danielle Felch, product manager – Portables at Johnson Controls. “CLEANGUARD+ is not only a powerful tool but also a testament to our commitment to providing the best fire safety solutions for our customers.”

CLEANGUARD+ uses the reliable, electrically nonconductive, FK-5-1-12 agent, with characteristics that make it one of the most eco-friendly commercial clean agent fire extinguisher options available, including: 

  • Zero ozone depletion potential (ODP)
  • Global warming potential (GWP) less than 1
  • One-week atmospheric lifetime

For commercial and industrial facilities that contain critical equipment, CLEANGUARD+ will be particularly beneficial. Its FK-5-1-12 agent is residue-free, corrosion-resistant and requires no clean-up after discharge, helping minimize collateral damages after operational downtime. The FK-5-1-12 agent allows CLEANGUARD+ to be used in much smaller spaces than traditional, clean agent fire extinguishers. An optional MR Conditional model contains stainless steel components and is rated up to 7 tesla.

Like its predecessor, CLEANGUARD, CLEANGUARD+ is manufactured in the United States and uses the same reliable, high-performance technology. It is UL-ULC listed, is compliant with the NFPA 10 standard and is United States Coast Guard (USCG) approved.

About Johnson Controls:
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About ANSUL 

ANSUL® is the premium fire suppression product brand of Tyco International (U.S.), Ltd. The full line of ANSUL special hazard fire protection products includes fire extinguishers and hand line units; pre-engineered restaurant, vehicles and industrial systems; sophisticated fire detection/suppression systems; and a complete line of dry chemical, foam and gaseous extinguishing agents. ANSUL products are developed and tested at the ANSUL Fire Technology Center, one of the most extensive fire research and testing facilities in the world. ANSUL products meet the demanding challenge of industry and commerce, including high-hazard/high-risk markets such as automotive, aviation, mining, chemical and petrochemical, utility, fire service and metal manufacturing/processing industries. For more information, visit


Restaurant kitchens, gas stations, paint spray booths and countless other commercial and industrial applications are protected by PYRO-CHEM automatic suppression systems and fire extinguishers. Ask your authorized PYRO-CHEM Distributor to provide the right solution for your fire protection challenges. 

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