Airedale by Modine, the critical cooling specialists, has today announced the launch of a comprehensive data center cooling design guide for consultants and end-users. This evidenced-based, reference e-book is available online at no cost and will be a valuable resource for those in the industry looking for factual insight and/ or design inspiration on chilled water cooling systems for data centers.

Written by Airedale cooling experts Patrick Cotton, Paul Golding and Reece Thomas, the e-book considers the individual and collective components of an effective and efficient chilled water cooling system. It looks at the particulars of chiller, computer room air handler (CRAH) and controls specifications, with detailed chapters on design requirements such as redundancy, free cooling, server densities, ASHRAE best practice, fan selection, humidity, filtration and power outages.  

Controls are a key element of optimizing networked units. The e-book examines the role of internal unit controls, the building management system (BMS), cooling optimization control packages and cloud controls. It looks in detail at how each interacts with the other, their role within a cooling system and the most effective system design for an efficient operation. 

Commenting on the e-book, one of its author’s Patrick Cotton, Global Chiller Product Manager at Airedale, said, 

“The design of the chilled water cooling system within a data center is a critical part of its infrastructure and it is imperative to engage with a cooling specialist early on in the design process. This guide offers a comprehensive introduction as to what options are available, what areas of design to consider and hopefully guide the user into asking the questions they need to ask early on, to maximize their opportunities for system efficiencies.” 

The e-book is available now from the Airedale website. Click here to access it, free-of-charge. 

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