EnviroGuard announces the expansion and continuous improvement of spill containment pillow technology for industrial battery environments with vented lead acid (VLA), valve regulated lead acid (VRLA), and vented NiCad batteries. 

Facilities such as data centers, telecommunications, and utilities utilize batteries that contain sulfuric acid or potassium hydroxide. A leak of these chemicals can result in environmental spills and fires; presenting a hazard to employees. To ensure the protection of mission critical facilities and personnel, EnviroGuard’s new and improved neutralizing and absorption pillows utilize unique properties and technologies such as dustless Neutrasorb, flame retardant fabric, increased fabric durability and pH reactive color indication to help eliminate the damage that occurs when facilities experience an unintended release of electrolytes. 

“In the 30 years that we have been in the business of providing safety and compliance solutions, we have continued to develop products that reduce end user costs,” remarked Doug Frazier, CEO and founder of EnviroGuard. “Today, no one knows how to protect battery environments like we do. Our products are unique and prevent downtime losses and property and asset damage.” 

EnviroGuard’s patented spill control products and technologies are certified by Underwriters Laboratories and approved by FM Approvals. EnviroGuard received “FM Classification of 4955 Approval Standard for Flammability of Absorbent Battery Acid Spill Containment Pillows which includes self-extinguishing features”. Its self-extinguishing feature keeps the pillow from burning by causing it to liquify rather than catch fire. 

Not only is the pillow fabric non-flammable, but due to increased fabric durability, EnviroGuard now provides a 10-year full replacement warranty and a 20-year pro-rated warranty.  

Based on customer feedback EnviroGuard’s pillows now include new dustless Neutrasorb acid absorption compound, which provides controlled neutralization in the event of an unintended release of electrolyte. The dustless absorbent has pH color indication technology notifying end users when an electrolyte spill has occurred but does not react when in contact with water. 

EnviroGuard’s new pillow features and technologies can be found here

About EnviroGuard

EnviroGuard is the recognized global leader for standby stationary power and energy storage compliance and safety solutions with a focus on seismic battery racks, spill containment, and personnel protection for mission critical facilities. EnviroGuard is a woman owned (WBE), ISO 9001-2015 Certified Manufacturer of UL Listed spill containment and UL Recognized pillows globally. EnviroGuard is also a provider of FM approved spill containment pillows. All manufactured products are proudly 100% made in the USA.