The 7x24 Exchange DC Chapter’s Annual Golf Tournament drew a crowd of nearly 300 data center leaders, 50-plus sponsors, and more than 40 volunteers to the Golf Club at Lansdowne last week, while supporting two philanthropic causes.

The event stands as the Chapter's chief fundraising initiative, bringing together data center executives and the wide array of industries that support and are empowered by the world’s largest data center hub, located just down the road from Lansdowne.

This year, foursomes and sponsorships sold out in just 40 minutes, pointing to the anticipation and the camaraderie that defines the industry in this community. Among the proceeds from the event, approximately $30,000 will support the 7x24 Exchange DC Chapter’s college scholarship program, and another $25,000 will help heal veterans and first responders through the Boulder Crest Foundation.

“This annual golf tournament is not just a fundraiser, it’s a celebration of the community network we’ve cultivated here in the data center industry,” 7x24 Exchange DC Chapter President Karen Petersburg explained. “Each swing on the golf course helps foster the next generation of industry leaders and provides healing and hope to our selfless veterans and first responders. 

“This event embodies our belief in the transformative power of people connecting, united in a common goal to uplift and empower.”

7x24 Exchange International was founded to support mission-critical industries that cannot experience interruptions in service. In recent decades, its focus has centered on supporting data center professionals, especially through its DC Chapter.

While most Chapter members live in the community they serve, others travel in from outside the region, in recognition of this hub’s importance. This year, professionals traveled from data center hubs all over the U.S. to support the event’s charitable causes.

“It is heartwarming to witness the outpouring of support from the data center industry, a sector that underlines the power of unbreakable connections,” Boulder Crest Foundation CEO Josh Goldberg said. “We are grateful to the 7x24 Exchange DC Chapter for channeling its efforts into Boulder Crest’s mission of healing and growth. Their support translates to more resources and programs that bring comfort, recovery, and strength to individuals and families who have given so much.”

According to the Uptime Institute’s 2023 data center survey, nearly half of the workforce is approaching retirement within the next decade, which makes supporting the future workforce a top priority for the 7x24 Exchange.  

Over the last 12 years, the DC Chapter has awarded more than $350,000 to more than 110 scholars, in hopes they will find long and fulfilling careers in the data center industry.

“Our scholarships are designed to usher budding talents into the industry, nurturing their skills and preparing them for innovative careers,” 7x24’s Petersburg said. “Our golfers and sponsors stand united in their belief in the transformative power of education, embracing the role of mentorship and empowerment to sculpt the leaders of tomorrow.”

As the tournament unfolded, attendees engaged in congenial competition across all three courses at Lansdowne, enjoying the spirit of fellowship and networking. Fundraising endeavors were woven into the event’s fabric, including 50/50 raffles, raffle prizes, event swag and paid mulligans, all adding to the charitable impact of the day.

The DC Chapter, one of 7x24 Exchange’s largest and most active, leverages this event along with other events and volunteer work throughout the year and across the region to build community connectivity. Over the last decade, the DC Chapter has donated more than $600,000 and countless volunteer hours to combat hunger and homelessness, as well as support healthcare innovation and community services.

Upcoming initiatives include the DC Chapter’s annual participation in the holiday Toys 4 Tots campaign, as well as the Cloud Run 5k on April 20th, 2024.

About 7x24 Exchange DC Chapter

The 7×24 Exchange Washington DC Chapter provides an educational forum bringing together Information Services/Technology and Facilities/Engineering/Real Estate of organizations to promote a better understanding of the design, implementation and management issues involved in achieving high levels of uninterrupted infrastructure support. 7x24 Exchange DC Chapter is a stalwart in fostering connections and facilitating opportunities for the leaders of tomorrow. Rooted in the heart of the world’s largest data center hub in Northern Virginia, it serves as a nucleus of innovation, collaboration, and philanthropy.

About Boulder Crest Foundation

Boulder Crest Foundation is the home of Posttraumatic Growth (PTG) and the global leader in the development, delivery, study, and scale of PTG-based programs. It exists to transform the way society thinks, feels, and acts when it comes to notions of mental health and struggle, so that we live in a world that is fueled and founded in notions of PTG, not PTSD, diminishment, diagnosis, or dysfunction. Boulder Crest Retreat is a haven facilitating the holistic healing of wounded veterans and first responders and their families. Situated in the picturesque landscapes of Bluemont, VA, it serves as a sanctuary promoting recovery and fostering a sense of peace and renewed purpose.