Siemon announced the latest addition to its LightVerse Fiber Optic Cabling System, addressing the ever-increasing demand for efficient and economical network infrastructure in today's dynamic data center and intelligent building/LAN environments. As digital technologies continue to expand and seamless connectivity becomes paramount, managing critical fiber and copper connections within space-sensitive application environments has proven a key challenge for many. Siemon’s LightVerse Copper/Fiber Combo Patch Panels provide the ideal solution. Designed to occupy 1U of rack space, LightVerse patch panels are available in flat and angled configurations and seamlessly accommodate up to 96 fibers, 48 copper connections, or any desired combination of the two, offering organizations unprecedented versatility to tailor their connectivity solutions to their unique needs. It also supports Siemon’s existing LightVerse single- and multimode fiber, as well as Z-MAX shielded Category 6A and unshielded Category 6A/6 copper connections.

"With our LightVerse Copper/Fiber Combo Patch Panels, users have unparalleled flexibility in deploying their fiber and copper connections," said Kevin Stronkowsky, Siemon's Copper Systems Product Manager. "This adaptability allows organizations to tailor their connectivity solutions to meet specific requirements and optimize rack space, ensuring swift, cost-effective, and efficient deployment for your critical connectivity."

LightVerse Copper/Fiber Combo Patch Panels include an innovative six-port copper adapter plate, which supports effortless population of copper connections within the panel and is available as a separate item to support field terminations, or as a pre-terminated trunk option to help you deliver your copper connections ultra-fast. This approach simplifies the deployment of new network infrastructure or the scaling of existing connections, allowing spaces to be blocked off with blanking plates and gradually populated as needed. Recognizing the importance of rapid and efficient installations, Siemon offers a range of high-quality copper and fiber pre-terminated trunks. Factory-terminated connectors and pre-tested solutions enable these trunks to be installed up to 75% faster than traditional methods, empowering users to deploy critical connections with confidence and minimize downtime. LightVerse Copper/Fiber Combo Patch Panels also offer optimized cable management options, with removable toolless front and rear cable managers and an elegant fiber spool kit. These solutions have been designed with the user in mind and deliver efficient control of fiber and copper cabling while maintaining optimum performance and reducing clutter and potential interference.