For data center owners, CSEs, and others who are seeking power delivery solutions, the ultimate goal in selecting a busway system should be peace of mind. You want the certainty and confidence that your power distribution system will always be able to deliver the power you need to your servers, racks, or equipment.

A reliable busway system is not just a power solution. It provides a competitive advantage, allowing your data center or other facility to stay operational. This ensures that your company will always be productive and able to deliver products or services to your customers. At the same time,

it is essential to select a busway system that will guarantee the safety of your workers, with the flexibility to adapt to the layout and changing power needs of your facility. If you evaluate the elements of a busway system based on these three qualities – reliability, flexibility, and safety – and look for an experienced and highly-qualified provider who can also be a reliable business partner, you’ll be able to choose a busway solution that will effectively serve your power distribution needs over the long run


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Starline is a global leader in power distribution equipment. For more than 30 years, Starline Track Busway has provided data centers with the most flexible, reliable, and customizable overhead power distribution systems on the market today. Other Starline products include the Critical Power Monitor (CPM), which works in conjunction with Starline Track Busway to improve energy efficiency; and Plug-In Raceway, the flexible, surface-mounted power distribution system.