Visitor Aware from Singlewire Software is a visitor check-in and management solution that provides organizations with the tools to effectively screen visitors so they can identify threats the moment they enter a building and before unwanted guests gain access to sensitive areas. This comprehensive tool helps provide peace of mind to verify visitors, so organizations know the people in their buildings have been given permission to be there.

Visitors have their IDs scanned when they enter a building. The information on their ID is used in conjunction with encrypted facial recognition to screen visitors against national sex offender and government watchlists and active legal injunctions. 

More organizations are coming to the realization that to maintain a secure facility, they need a secure entrance. Visitor Aware serves a first line of defense for organizations looking to preserve mission critical operations by identifying potential threats the moment they walk in the door. Using an iPad or handheld scanner, visitor information can be collected and run through national sex offender databases, government watchlists, and active legal injunctions. Matches are flagged and receptionists or security team members can be alerted that an unwanted guest is attempting to enter the building. This enables early intervention to prevent potentially dangerous or violent guests from gaining access. Visitors who are allowed to enter are approved within seconds of having their IDs scanned and organizations can have badges printed that approved guests can wear to signify they are permitted within the building. Visitor Aware also provides options guests can select for areas they are allowed to go within a building so security teams can quickly identify people who may wander into restricted areas

Singlewire Software has been at the forefront of emergency notification innovations for more than a decade. This comes from developing deep relationships with existing customers to understand their needs. In a recent customer survey, the company discovered that many customers were interested in integrating their emergency notification and incident management tools with their visitor management tools. The survey also revealed that, while many customers had a visitor management system in place, they were dissatisfied with how it worked. This led Singlewire Software to acquire Visitor Aware, which had also been developed with direct customer input. The team that developed Visitor Aware understood there were several components of existing visitor management solutions that customers did not like. That’s why the company developed a solution that was compatible with a wide range of scanners and printers, used facial recognition in conjunction with ID information to reduce the number of false positives, and create a system that could share information across sites.

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