Developed specifically for mission critical video workloads, Surveill delivers an IT-friendly foundation with the performance, scale, and resilience required to support today’s demanding safety and operational requirements. Surveill is the first fully containerized VMS available — this approach to video management adds containerization to the operating system, which results in increased reliability, higher system uptime, and enhanced data security.

Surveill uses a containerized environment, which uses process isolation to prevent outside applications from interacting with it and accessing the host operating system directly. This isolation improves the overall security of the application. Surveill containers have all prerequisites preconfigured and installed for functionality and do not need additional frameworks or database software — they are ready to implement. This enterprise solution can scale regardless of an organization’s unique requirements and can fit into any sized environment, from a small business with one camera stream to a multisite deployment with thousands of IP camera systems globally. Surveill is built to upgrade and scale up with minimal effort and downtime.

Created specifically for mission critical environments, the core of this design is around having critical video streams available at all times. Surveill ensures streams are available through its Direct2Camera technology, which allows the user to access a camera stream directly from the camera itself if there is a server outage, and its Remote Connection Queueing technology, which manages and optimizes bandwidth to ensure no bandwidth overload through over-access.

"We have seen Surveill VMS be successful in a variety of environments, including data centers, campuses, retail, and transportation," said Brianna Ramos, public relations and marketing lead for Edge360.

Edge360 was founded in 2010 as an integrator in the public space. Early in its tenure, the company was approached by a high-profile federal department with requirements for a VMS to serve more than 150 offices worldwide. 

"The project was our chance to make a name for ourselves," Ramos said. "If we could deliver."

Existing VMSs required downtime for managing maintenance updates and security patches — sometimes taking months to complete. Downtime also resulted from common conditions, like drops in bandwidth at remote locations. These issues still plague many VMS solutions used in business and on the market today.

The client needed a VMS that would perform with mission critical integrity against constant hostile physical and cyberattacks. The client required zero downtime among other things — these requirements became the recipe for Surveill. 

Surveill was built to update in just a few clicks, requiring no downtime. It also has proper failover and remains operational even with all servers down.

"After passing rigorous testing, the first Surveill VMS was launched, purchased by the client, and still protects these same 150-plus critical facilities around the world day and night," Ramos said.

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