With customer feedback at the head of its design process, the NetShelter Rack PDU Advanced helps IT professionals deploy equipment faster due to simpler planning and configuration. It can easily handle high-density loads with up to 48 outlets and more power than other APC PDUs. The rack can even prevent downtime with advanced redundancy features.

NetShelter Rack PDU Advanced is a best-in-class intelligent rack power distribution (PDU) with up to 50% more power, twice as many outlets, and a four-in-one combination outlet design for fast, flexible deployment. The rack is available in a broad range of configurations spanning 5 kVA to 34.6 kVA across metered, switched, and outlet metering functionality all in a single wide, 0U, vertical form factor.

NetShelter Rack PDU Advanced will change the mission critical industry by maximizing density, speed of deployment, and availability in data center.

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