Blue Rack is the first sodium-ion battery cabinet designed for mission critical applications, such as data centers, peak power shaving, and other industrial power environments where a reliable backup power source is required to ensure 100% uptime.

Natron’s Blue Rack battery cabinet not only delivers tremendous power density but also discharges and recharges rapidly, is sustainably and ethically sourced, and is safe and completely nonflammable. 

Powered by Natron’s Blue Pack battery, the Blue Rack can be configured to provide up to 500 kW of backup power and features a wide operating temperature range (minus 30° to 50°C), round-trip efficiency >97%, and over 50,000 deep discharge cycles.

The innovative technology can produce 40 W/Wh — a giant leap in sustainability compared to lithium-ion batteries, which produce 10 W/Wh, and lead acid that come in at 7 W/Wh.

“As the world increasingly looks for safe and sustainable energy storage, sodium-ion technology innovation will meet that need,” said Brian Kennedy, director of business development and marketing for Natron Energy. 

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