Cryptocurrency Quiz

It’s unclear whether or not crypto is the currency of the future. But, it is undeniably part of the present. What exactly is cryptocurrency though, are there different kinds, how do you get it, how do you use it, and what are the risks? Take this quiz to find out.

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1. BFSI stands for _________________
A. Banking, financial services, and insurance
B. Banking firms and security insurance
C. Bitcoin, fintech, security, and insurance
D. None of these
2. The processing power of the Bitcoin network, or the speed at which miners are able to perform proof-of-work calculations per second, is called the ______
A. Block rate
B. Hash rate
C. Hash time
D. Block time
3. An example of _______ could be creating a representation of Bitcoin on another blockchain, such as Ethereum.
A. decryption
B. a cyberattack
C. fraud
D. token wrapping
4. Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, use what technology?
A. Mining
B. Cyber
D. Blockchain
5. What term refers to hijacking a computer and using it to mine digital assets against the user's will?
A. Dark mining
B. Dark web
C. Cryptojacking
D. Ransomware
6. What country has the most crypto ATMs?
A. The U.S.
B. Canada
C. El Salvador
D. England
7. What makes crypto so popular with scammers?
A. Payments are irreversible
B. Transactions are not controlled by central authorities
C. People are not knowledgeable
D. All of the above
8. _____ is one of the preferred payment methods for ransomware attackers.
A. Online
B. Bitcoin
C. Crypto Parrot
D. U.S. dollars
9. How many U.S. job postings included the keyword "crypto" according to February 2022 data?
A. More than 1,000
B. More than 10,000
C. More than 5,000
D. More than 25,000
10. Crytocurrency refers to ____
A. Any digital currency
B. Bitcoin only
C. Anything that uses blockchain
D. Online banking
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