CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Ubiquity acquired EdgePresence. EdgePresence’s Edge Data Centers (EDCs) are modular, purpose-built data centers, efficiently designed to include critical power, monitoring, physical security, and cooling. Complementing Ubiquity’s existing digital infrastructure, EDCs enable far-edge functions, minimizing latency and improving performance for network tenants in a highly secure facility that can be deployed in a matter of weeks. 

EdgePresence’s founder, Doug Recker, and its current team will be supported by Ubiquity’s leadership team, notably Hugh Carspecken, edge industry thought leader, founder, and former CEO, who will lead the Ubiquity Edge business unit. Ubiquity Edge provides initial facilities in desirable high-growth metropolitan areas, such as San Diego; Los Angeles; Dallas; Austin, Texas; and Orlando and Jacksonville, Florida, and will be deploying additional sites nationally to meet customer demand. Current tenants include wireless and wired broadband providers as well as fiber transport providers. 

“As data and compute demands grow, having localized assets adjacent to end users becomes critical to overall network performance and customer success,” said Jamie Earp, Ubiquity co-CEO and managing partner. “We are excited to add EdgePresence’s unique set of customer solutions to the Ubiquity platform. This expansion furthers our commitment to, and focus on, ownership of critical last-mile network infrastructure assets.”